The HNH Chairman is Soo Jung's father. He has ordered Soo Jung to keep an eye on Hyung Suk, probably because he suspects Hyung Suk to have two bodies, just like Soo Jung. He's rich.


With a tall height and wealthy attire he exhibits, the dark and squinted eyes he bears only adds to his cynical aura. He has a mauve hue to his stylized haircut and a full white beard that surrounds his lips and cover his cheekbones.


The HNH Chairman exerts an air of authority as he was able to silence anyone simply by walking through the room. He seems to be extremely shrewd, as he seems to suspect that Hyung Suk has two bodies.


Soo Jung

He is Soo Jung's father, and is the only person who knows the fact that she has two bodies. He also has ordered her to keep an eye out on Hyung Suk, presumably because he suspects Hyung Suk has two bodies as well. He knows.


In Chapter 108, DG stands up for the HNH Chairman, saying that the HNH Chairman had been the one who had taken care of him ever since he was young. The HNH Chairman also makes him the CEO of PTJ Entertainment.

Jong Gun

The HNH Chairman hired Jong Gun.