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Jang Hyun (Eli Jang) is a supporting character of Lookism. He is a student in the beauty department at Jae Won high school. He is also the only male student in the beauty department, hence he is always surrounded by girls. Nevertheless, his hair-cutting technique is very bad.

Both Hyun and Hyung Suk have a crush on Soo Jung, so they get jealous of each other. Despite this, Hyun wants Hyung Suk to be his hair model.


In the past, he seems to have known or liked a girl who scolded him for being proud of his good looks. This is also the reason he is interested in Soo Jung, because she says the same thing about Hyung Suk.

There is also a chapter that shows that Jang Hyun has a daughter.


Jang Hyun is a young man who is considered to be attractive by many. He has a tall stature and a manly body figure. He has pale skin and dark coloured eyes. Currently, he has light coloured hair with a slightly curled fringe, though he changes his hair often.


Jang Hyun seems to be rather kind. He also doesn't seem to judge people by their appearances, such as when he started having a crush on Soo Jung in her old body.

He also has a lot of self confidence despite his terrible hair-cutting skills.


Hyung Suk

When Jang Hyun first met Hyung Suk, he wanted Hyung Suk to model for him. When Jang Hyun showed a romantic interest in Soo Jung, Hyung Suk was jealous.

Soo Jung

Jang Hyun seems to have a crush on Soo Jung's original body, as shown in Chapter 121, in which the narrator points out that he is attracted to Soo Jung and hands her a carton of milk, causing Hyung Suk to feel jealous.

The Architecture Department

The all-male architecture department often feels jealous of Jang Hyun, the only boy in the Beauty Department due to him only be surrounded by females.


  • Jang Hyun is modeled by Aboki model Jang Hyun