Park Ji Ho is a supporting character in Lookism. He's a student of the Fashion Department at Jae Won high school.


Park Ji Ho(aka Jiho or G-Hole) is one of the supporting characters in LOOKISM. He is weak and easily drifted, always trying and failing to be “cool”. He committed a yellow flag crime by pushing Daniel Park and James Goh from a 3-floor building.


Jiho sports a bull cut and has a round face. He wears glasses at all time. He is fairly short and lacks muscles. It’s implied he’s unattractive and easy to look past. After being put in prison, he buzzed his hair.


Ji Ho always tries to look cool. When he was sitting with Duke and Daniel outside of the convenience store, he started smoking to try to look cooler than them, saying that he has smoked many times, even though it was his first time. He also buys a lot of expensive brands and limited items for the same reason.


Jae Yeol's Wallet

Ji Ho had just gotten his mom to buy him a new Vibe limited edition backpack, and his friends were fawning over it. However, when Ji Ho was with Jay and Daniel, the girls didn't notice him but, instead, at Jay and Daniel. Ji Ho thought it is because Jay and Daniel both had a lot of money to buy expensive clothes and silently berates them for not having to work hard to get expensive goods, even though his mother had bought him the backpack.

All of a sudden, Ji Ho notices that Jae Yeol had forgotten his wallet when he rushed over to Hyung Suk's seat when Hyung Suk said he didn't know how to do a problem. Ji Ho comments on how Jae Yeol's so good to Hyung Suk it's ridiculous, running to him just because Hyung Suk had called. Ji Ho is about to call out to Jae Yeol to tell him about his wallet, but decides to pocket it instead to play a prank on Jae Yeol.

Ji Ho, Jae Yeol and Hyung Suk are later at the convenience store, and Ji Ho's thanking Jae Yeol for buying him a lot of snacks. Jae Yeol waves at him while Hyung Suk translates that Jae Yeol's telling him it's fine and for him to eat up. The lady at the counter tells them it's 21500 won. When Jae Yeol reaches into his jacket to pay for the snacks, Ji Ho looks on expectantly, thinking he'll look ridiculous when he realizes his wallet's gone. However, Jae Yeol takes out his cell phone and pays with it instead. Jae Yeol and Hyung Suk bow to the sales lady and leave.

Later, in the washroom, Ji Ho huffs, saying that it's no fun and that, if he had known, he would have just given Jae Yeol the wallet. He opens Jae Yeol's wallet to find pictures of Inu and an American Express credit card, which Ji Ho mistakenly thinks is a VIP card for a coffee shop. He then sees a 10 million won check in the wallet. Scared, he realizes he's landed himself in big trouble.

He then resolves to go and return the wallet to Jae Yeol, say he's just found it, and apologize, but decides to go and sneakily return it to Jae Yeol instead so Jae Yeol wouldn't know.

Ji Ho first tries to stick it in Jae Yeol's left pant pocket while walking past Jae Yeol. However, when he sneaks up to Jae Yeol, Jae Yeol sees three bees and hits them out of the air because Jae Yeol's scared of bugs. Ji Ho, after witnessing Jae Yeol's reflexes, decides to try another plan instead.

He then tries to put it in Jae Yeol's backpack after school is out. However, no matter how hard Ji Ho pulled on it, it wouldn't open. When Jae Yeol comes along, Ji Ho realizes it has a fingerprint lock.

Ji Ho then tries to catch Jae Yeol when he's leaving school, apologize, and return the wallet to him, only to have Jae Yeol rush away on a motorcycle.

As Ji Ho walks back home, he resignedly wonders how he can contact Jae Yeol again because he doesn't know Jae Yeol's phone number. After all, it's 10 million won. Then, Ji Ho realizes that all he has to do is put the wallet in Jae Yeol's desk. However, just as he realizes it, a trio of bullies come and forces him to exchange backpacks. Ji Ho belatedly realizes that Jae Yeol's wallet, containing the 10 million won, was still in the backpack they had stolen.

Ji Ho rushes to the convenience store where original Hyung Suk works, and tells Hyung Suk everything. Ji Ho and Hyung Suk then confront the bullies at the playground, only for the bullies to beat them up. Hyung Suk realizes that, although he'd been able to clearly see every punch and kick directed his way, he was unable to do anything because his reflexes were too slow. Hyung Suk then returns to the bullies with his new body, asking for them to return the bag. The bullies do so immediately and try to suck up to him. New Hyung Suk then takes Ji Ho to Jae Yeol's home. They then see Jae Hye, Jae Yeol's younger sister. When they ask if Jae Hye lives with Jae Yeol, she answers that her brother lives alone, but she's come over to play. Jae Hye then tells them Jae Yeol's just left, but she'll text him telling him they're there. Jae Yeol's answer is very frenzied, and Jae Hye explains that he said he's coming back immediately, and says it's not like her brother to do so. She then tells them Jae Yeol had asked her to help him find his wallet. Hyung Suk immediately begins to tell her that they have Jae Yeol's wallet, but Ji Ho stops him, not wanting to look bad in front of a pretty girl. He decides that it would be fine if he just threw the wallet inside of Jae Yeol's bedroom.

However, when Ji Ho opened the door, he saw Inu's pups inside, barking at him and telling him to leave because they thought he was a thief. They jump at him, biting him. Ji Ho flings them to the ground and throws the wallet at them, only to infuriate Inu for bullying her children. Inu starts to attack him.

Ji Ho finally walks out, clutching at his arm and limping, his clothes ripped. Inu barks from behind, saying that she'd “caught a thief”. That's when Ji Ho sees the bag Jae Yeol is holding, which is full of 10 million won checks. Hyung Suk says that he didn't know Jae Yeol had gone out collecting the checks, and that Hyung Suk had a lot of them too. It turns out that the checks were just pamphlets promoting the online clothes shop that Hyung Suk poses for, and Hyung Suk's picture is printed on the back. Ji Ho realizes that all his work was for nothing and faints.


Daniel Park

Ji Ho used to be a good friend of Daniel, and always took advantage of him. After getting influenced very badly, Ji Ho attempted to kill James and Daniel altogether, thinking that Daniel and the others have always looked down on him, or they never considered his as a friend.

Zack Lee

Zack used to bully Ji Ho, before he met Daniel. But after James cyber attacked him by looting his money, Zack was concerned about Ji Ho and fought for him.

Zack is a bit affectionate towards Ji Ho, but he never noticed it.

James Goh


  • In chapter 110, when he's on the toilet, he isn't wearing underwear...
  • In chapter 111, after Jiho struggles with Inu and her pups, he looks almost exactly the same as Vegito from the Dragon Ball Z universe
  • Jiho is currently being punished. He was sentenced to 2 years of prison by the court, for attempting to kill Daniel and James.